About NoPrimeTime

This app has been discontinued due to Lyft’s termination of its public API:



The below is included for historical reasons, though please note the app is no longer available:

Q: Where can I get the latest version of the app?

A: For iOS: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/noprimetime-avoid-prime-time/id1165941425?mt=8

For Android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=brendan.noprimetime&hl=en_US


Q: I don’t see a map only a black screen. Help!

A: Try updating Google Play Services, as Maps may not load properly for very out of date phones.


Q: What do the colors of the markers mean?

A: They reflect the current demand pricing, as returned by the Lyft API. Green markers indicate no PrimeTime. Yellow markers indicate lower values of PrimeTime, whileorange and red markers indicate high levels of PrimeTime. Call your rides from green markers (or, if none, yellow markers) for the cheapest ride home!


Q: I’m at a blank screen for 10 seconds, is the app working?
The first time you run the app, as well as each time there is an update pushed, it can take a little longer than usual for the app to open. If it stays blank for 20+ seconds while you’re on a good data connection, something is probably wrong, and if restarting the app doesn’t help, you should email


Q: How does this app work?

A: It visualizes the PrimeTime values returned by the official Lyft API for points in a given area.


Q. I have another question, or am running into a bug that needs fixing.

A: This is a hobbyist app, errors may happen, bugs probably exist. Please send any and all feedback to nosurgeapp@gmail.com


Q: What’s your privacy policy?

A: I’m a hobbyist app developer. I don’t want your information and make every attempt not to collect it. That’s why there are no user credentials required, no logins, no email addresses or personal information is solicited, and all IP addresses and other metadata logged related to calls to my server are regularly discarded! I only include ads to offset the cost of offering this app, and I use the industry standard, Google-owned AdMob as my ad provider.